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Welcome to the Endoscopy Global Rating Scale for New Zealand



The aim of the National Endoscopy Quality Improvement Programme (NEQIP) is to facilitate safe, patient-focused endoscopy services that are efficient, accountable and sustainable. The central tool is the Endoscopy Global Rating Scale.

About the Global Rating Scale

The GRS for New Zealand is a web based quality improvement and assessment tool for the endoscopy service that enables endoscopy units to assess how well they provide a patient-centred service. Additional workforce and training domains support the endoscopy workforce and trainee endoscopists. Endoscopy units can access the GRS from this home page.

Endoscopy Units

When you have a username and password, please login to the GRS System to complete your GRS self-assessment or to access the knowledge management system. If you need support or to obtain details to login to this system please contact the NEQIP team.

Other Enquiries

If you are interested in receiving more information about the Global Rating Scale please contact the NEQIP team below left to obtain further information.



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